Day 1: Fly to Lalibela – Visit of the first group of churches
Morning Flight to the holy land of new Jerusalem-Lalibela, We will met you at the Airport in Lalibela and drive about 23km to the small town of lalibela for check in and refreshment, after lunch you will visit the Northern Group: Bet Medhane Alem, home to the Lalibela Cross and believed to be the largest monolithic church in the world, probably a copy of St Mary of Zion in Aksum. It is linked to Bete Maryam (possibly the oldest of the churches), Bete Golgotha (known for its arts and said to contain the tomb of King Lalibela), the Selassie Chapel and the Tomb of Adam.

After breakfast Mule ride or walk on foot to the 13th Century Monastery of Asheton Mariam after lunch proceed to visit the second group of the rock hewn churches of Lalibela called Western Group: Bete Giyorgis, said to be the most finely executed and best preserved church &the third group called The Eastern Group: Bete Amanuel (possibly the former royal chapel), Bete Merkorios (which may be a former prison), Bete Abba Libanos and Bete Gabriel-Rufael (possibly a former royal palace). Late in the afternoon you will transfer to Lalibela airport to catch your flight to Addis Ababa where the tour ends.