Day 1: Bahir Dar – lake Tana
Stop At: Lake Tana, Ground floor from Blue Nile Hotel, Bahir Dar 1000 Ethiopia After breakfast we pick you up at the hotel and then get a brief about your full day boat trip. Our representative/ guide will take you to the harbor and heading to the outlet of the Blue Nile River. Along the way you will enjoy birds and fishermen with Tankwa (a vessel boat that made of Cyprus papyrus plant). Later continue to Narga Silassie church and coming back you will visit Betre Mariam and Ura Kidane Mihiret churches.
What to see and experience:
• 3:30 hours boat reed (one way)
• 30-40 minutes’ walk though coffee plantation and evergreen church forests
• Visit 3 beautiful monasteries
• Watch birds, hippos and fishermen. Finally return to Bahir Dar. Overnight Hotel

Day 2: Bahir Dar – Awra Amba community
Stop At: Bahir Dar Market, Papyrus Hotel The Opposite Of Millinium Cafe, Bahir Dar 1000 Ethiopia At 8:00am drive to Awra Amba community through Hamusit city and afterwards make city tour including Emperor Haile Silassie palace (not open for everyone but has great views to watch Lake Tana, Bahir Dar city, Blue Nile River, island monasteries and surroundings). Overnight Hotel
What to see and experience:
• Unique community belief and practices
• Watch Bahir Dar’s view point
• Visit Emperor Haile Silassie’s palace (outside)
• Explore cattle and open-air markets

Day 3: Bahir Dar – Blue Nile fall
Stop At: Blue Nile Falls, Amhara , Region Ethiopia After breakfast excursion to Blue Nile fall. Later you would see Grace Center. Grace is one of the famous foundations in Bahir Dar. It helps women and families. They have daycare so that impoverished mothers can work and not have to abandon their children (orphan prevention).
They work to keep families together by searching for and assisting single parents while encouraging them to become self sufficient. And they also have children’s home foster homes for children who are not able to be reunified with birth family. For these children they work to have them adopted locally by Ethiopians and also help children growing up in prison.
What to see and experience:
• Drive on unpaved road
• Visit water fall
• Visit Grace Center School, Children, their day care program, small business jewelry and bag making, Small business sewing, after school care program, Children’s temporary care home.
No accommodation included on this day.